30 Minute Psychic Tarot Telephone Reading – £30

Ideal for exploring one specific area of your life. Do you need straight answers to straight questions about love, career or finances? My 30 minute reading will give you the clarity you need.



45 Minute Psychic Tarot Telephone or FaceTime Reading – £45

This more in-depth reading works if you have a couple of questions you need to explore. If allows time to look at short-term and long-term  outcomes, assess the feelings and motivations of others, and actions you can take to get a good outcome, regardless of how difficult or complex your situation is.



60 Minute Psychic Oracle Telephone or FaceTime Reading – £60

My hour-long reading can be the equivalent of a psychic MOT so it is great for getting your life back on track, allowing you to plunge full-steam ahead. Clients have described this reading as life-changing, and it’ can help you effectively change your life, whether it’s to give you the information and support you need to switch to a more fulfilling career, break free from the shackles of the past, or move your n from abusive relationships.



60 Minute Couples Psychic Tarot FaceTime Reading £60

Inject some magic into your love life with this deep down and honest clairvoyant reading, which explores your mutual strengths and weaknesses and how you can meet one another”s needs to build trust, friendship and a lifetime of togetherness.