About Elizabeth…

ElizabethNoelle is a writer, clairvoyant and poet who lives on the Irish coast. Here she talks about how she became a professional witch.

I am a psychic and clairvoyant renowned for my deep and “spookily accurate” tarot and angel card readings.

I have a global clientele and read for people from all walks of life and treat all my clients with honesty, respect and integrity. Psychic from childhood, my witchery came of age at 16 when a friend bought me tarot cards. The fascination with precognition (the ability to see into the future) began a year earlier when my friend’s auntie, a lovely woman called Lizzie, read our tea leaves when we went to visit her. Lizzie, like many people of her wartime generation, had much sorrow in her life, so it was perhaps apt that she turned to tea, so English, so resilient, to offer solace to others. My friend and I weren’t at all eldisappointed that Lizzie always saw the same two objects in our cups, ”a wee dark man and a burnin’ bush.”

I turned fully professional in 2013:  various events conspired o make this happen and angels said “come and work for us.” We live in dark times but at that time I had no idea how much love and light this would bring into my own life, while helping others to find the hope and enlightenment they needed. It’s rare for businesses to take off instantly but within a fortnight it had skyrocketed and for this I thank the people in my hometown for their love, friendship and unbridled enthusiasm.

So what to expect? Well, I won’t suddenly go all Nostradamus on you and mumble vague forebodings (in French) or talk twaddle about the phases of the moon.  Your reading will tune into your energy and the people and circumstances surrounding you, which means you will attain very specific information about your past, present and future. Here’s a brief example from a client.

 “I was fighting a lot with my boyfriend who was a long distance lorry driver at that time. I asked Elizabeth what she could see going on and she saw a child”s doll in the lorry, propped up on a seat. It just didn’t make any sense but I rang him when I got home and he couldn’t believe it. He saw a doll with the same name as me in a shop window, and went in on impulse and bought it, planning to give it to me when he came back home.”

Today I read for clients from all over  the world via telephone, FaceTime and Skype, but most importantly we connect via the angelic guides who make it possible. I look forward to reading for you too:)


How It Works


Booking a telephone or face-to-face reading is quick and easy. Click on the Services section on the homepage and select your reading, then click the PayPal link to make your payment. You can use a your debit or credit card to make the the payment via PayPal even if you don’t have a PayPal account. It’s fast and secure.

After booking your reading click the Contact Me section on the homepage and fill in your your email address. In the messages section let me know your telephone number and whether you would like an afternoon or evening reading. I will ring you within 24 hours to arrange a mutually convenient time for your reading.

I aim to do readings within seven days of booking.