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I am a UK psychic and clairvoyant renowned for my deep and “spookily accurate” tarot and angel card readings. I have read for people from all over the world, from all walks of life and treat all my clients with honesty, respect and integrity and offer private tarot phone readings. 

I first became interested in all things otherworldly when my friend’s auntie, a lovely woman called Lizzie, read our tea leaves when we went to visit her. Lizzie, like many people of her wartime generation, had much sorrow in her life, so it was perhaps apt that she turned to tea, so English, so resilient, to offer solace to others. My friend and I were just sixteen so we weren’t at all disappointed that Lizzie always saw the same two objects in our cups, ”a wee dark man and a burnin’ bush.

It was a short progression from tea to tarot cards and, like most psychics, honed my skills reading for friends.

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